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SkinCoach Hyaluron Programme:

Unique non-injectable hydrating treatment

that lasts.









Exclusive to Finesse

Finesse Face and Body Clinic is proud to be the the first in Auckland to introduce the SkinCoach Hyaluron Programme.

Developed in Germany, this treatment provides immediately visible anti-ageing results that last 6-8 weeks.


No Pain, Discomfort or Downtime!

Relax as a cool laser is applied to the skin to heat your body's own hyluronic acid, enabling it to bond with the product.

The warmed hyaluron is then massaged inot the skin using a special "tapping massage" technique. You will be amazed at how much hylaluron your skin will absorb!

Finally, the cold laser is re-applied to help the hyaluron bond, and seal it into your skin.


Immediately, the skin appears smoother, plumper and lifted. After your first treatment, people will notice the difference.


A course of two treatments is recommended 2-3 weeks apart, with results lasting up to three months. A top-up is recommended every 6-8 weeks to maintain the volume


SkinCoach Hylaluron Prices

Treatment price

$220 per treatment


Top-up treatments (recommended every 6-8 weeks) $185

Can I Make My Results Last Longer?

There are specially formulated products you can purchase to take home and maintain your results.

The SkinCoach Programme programme includes capsules and a cream to enhance and maintain your treatment results.


Introductory Special $599 (valued at $690)
2x SkinCoach Hylaluron Treatments
SkinCoach Capsules
SkinCoach Cream