Advanced Medi Facials

Osmosis Medi-Facial

An unparalleled facial that promotes repair and remodelling of the skin. Customised to treat your skin concerns using our medi-facial powder actives and organic fruit or herbal mask.

Leaves skin lustrous and smooth.

60-minute Treatment: $149

60-minute Treatment with Revitapen: $199

Osmosis Infusion (Non-Acid Peel)

A 23-ingredient infusion using liposomes to boost collagen production in the dermis, while rejuvenating all aspects of the skin.

60-minute Treatment: $180

60-minute Treatment with Revitapen: $230

Lifting Infusion Facial

Advanced peptide complex infused into the skin with sonophoresis.

Reduces lines, increase hydration & elasticity

30-minute Treatment: $130